What is a Moodbox?

A moodbox is a place inside of you that is not yet open. It can contain a piece of valuable information about how you experience your own world and how you perceive the world outside. Our own reallity is constantly being shaped by our inner and outer enviroment.

Are you curious about yours and willing to explore your unique Moodbox? If you are, this is an invitation to what your Moodbox can reveal for you as we mindfully move it into your awareness together.


This site is dedicated to wellness, personal development and authenticity. Through my own journey of healing and development, i’ve come to realize what and how i want to contribute to others journey. I want to serve others and thirve in my own life while doing it.

My background

At one point in my life, i realized that i needed more calmness, focus, clearity and energy. After many years struggeling with anxiety and returning depressions something had to change. My journey towards healing and wellness begun. Around four months of daily practice something started to shift. I came in contact with the younger part of me and saw how this part did not have enough safety from the enviroment growing up. My heart started to wake up. After six month personal daily practice i had an upportunity to join a eight week Mindfulness course. This motivated me more to continue to deepen my personal practice. I wanted to learn more about this practice, so i decided to do a one year long Mindfulness instructor training.

After about a couple of month into the training after being insipred of meditating with a group, i did a radom google search. I typed in “meditation together”, and the word “Circling” popped up. I’m currently doing a year long training in The Art of Circling with The Circling Institute.

I’m also participate in daily practices and courses with a great learning uppertunities that includes

  • Non Violent Communtication
  • The latest psychotechnologies based on the newest research from neuroscience
  • A style of relational meditation practice called “The Flow of Awareness”
  • If you want to try this out in an online community, check out Authenctic Communities