“To really meet another person, to experience true intimacy, you must enter a realm of uncertainty together . You are most loveable when you are most transparent. You can only be honest about yourself.” Quote from Susan Campbell’s book, Getting Real

Coaching (based on the Circling method). We will move into a deeper, slower and more open space together. This can also for some be experienced as more challenging and confronting. By “confronting”, meaning that things that you have more in the “bakground” of your consciousness that initialy are more concealed, can be revealed and move into the “foregound” of your consciousness. When this movement or shift happens, a felt sense of spaciousness can occur, or some release of stuck energy can happen. How you experience this release of energy can take many shapes and forms depending on what is thouched upon in the conversation. It can contain all sorts of emotions, thoughts and sensations. Suddenly an idea or pattern of thinking can be untangled and looked at in a whole other way. Clearity can arrise from this place and give way to more options and space in how you can relate to, and navigate your own world.

My role is to create a safe and welcoming space so that we can explore what’s going on in your world right now and move into a nurturing space so awareness from moment to moment can emerge spontaniously so that you connect to your heart and your truth. Your role is show up and be willing to notice and name what is alive in you from moment to moment.

Let’s talk first to feel if we can work together. I have worked and are currently working with different kinds of creative expressions and have a broad field of educations including project management & development, leadership, graphic design & computer science. I’m a passionate reader of philosophy and anything that can inform my sense of deeply listening and grasping complex structures in an embodied way.