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What is Self leadership?

Guidance in Self leadership

Self leadership focuses on raising awareness and exploring various aspects of oneself through an inner dialogue. With guidance, you get the opportunity to make contact with and get to know these different parts. You learn to establish and maintain the relationship with these parts, while developing a clearer awareness to find inner peace, understanding, clarity, energy, flow and connection.

Jan brings a wealth of authenticity, presence, and indeed insightfulness to his client work. Having shared Circling, Dia-logos and other theraputic group work modalities with him on over twenty occasions I have accrued great affection and admiration for his attentiveness and dedication

-Francesco Coni



My name is Jan Rune and I am easily engaged by openness, honesty and authenticity. I am very fond of presence, philosophy and psychology.

My ambition is to pass on an authentic way of being in the world. My inspiration and motivation is to contribute and participate in healthy development in one-to-one conversations, and group conversations, in the form of meaningful dialogues where time, space and understanding are given for our own uniqueness and what binds us together as people .

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