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What is Self leadership?

Through our upbringing, culture and relationships we are shaped, at the same time we shape our surroundings through a deep participation with the world. Central to this interaction with ourselves and our arenas is the dialogue and our relationships. To the extent that we can navigate and orient ourselves in different contexts, this will have something to do with how we experience being a human being with a life world.

The term "Orientation" in a Self-Management context can be seen as a bodily compass where the head participates with your body in a way that enables contact, presence, energy and a felt experience of meaning to occur.

This is the core of Self-Management. Based on this, skills can be trained so that we can get closer to our authentic self and move towards the life that we consider meaningful to us.

The Frog

The frog symbolizes hidden beauty, sensitivity and power. It teaches how to grow from one level to another, from materialism to spirituality. From understanding one teaching to another and then finding the connections between them.

The adult frog ascends from one environment to another, from the world of bags to the earth, which represents solidity and security.

The frog represents the ability to acclimatize to a new way of life or uncover new points of view. Its power lies in being able to harmonize you with any new situation.

The frog also helps to nourish the self, teaching you to take care of yourself. So it can help you let go of negative thoughts and recharge your mind and spirit. Water is associated with absorption and dispersion.

So the frog can help you wash away old ideas and impressions that are hindering you in your development. The frog helps you to dare and do new, unknown things.




Navigating with ourselves in our lives can be experienced as challenging as constantly new demands are made on many levels. Be it technology that must be mastered, relationships that must work and work that must be done at an increasingly efficient pace. We may be someone's lover, friend, daughter, parent, employee or manager. Different expectations are often attached to all these different roles. The relationship with my mother is different from that with my boyfriend, and my relationship with my employer is different from my relationship with my daughter.

This can be described as a network of relationships, and if we add invisible norms, moral and ethical rules of the game into this network, the complexity increases. This can at times be experienced as overwhelming, go beyond our well-being, and it can feel difficult to orient ourselves and take care of our own needs, while at the same time experiencing that we have direction and meaning in life.

What all of this has in common is that it is you who experiences all of this. First, some more information. I personally am a supporter of knowledge that can help enable and create understanding. By understanding, I mean an experienced understanding, how something feels, what thoughts come to mind, what happens in the body.

In other words, understanding in a authentic Self leadership context is our ability to train our attention to notice, be curious, endure and eventually have deep trust in our unfolding of our experience. ​ In short, this form consists of orienting ourselves towards different parts of ourselves, and through an inner dialogue, where I guide you, you get in touch with different parts of your inner self, you learn to create and take care of and get to know them different parts (aspects) of yourself, and teaches you how to return to more calm, understanding, clarity, energy, flow and connection.

In this way, you ensure that your parts work together better and do not come into conflict with each other, which can cause you to get stuck in different habitual patterns that can inhibit your development, and potentially go beyond your relationships and escalate negative stress, which in the worst case can go beyond your health.

Through this training, the quality of your own responsiveness to yourself and to others will increased and lay the foundation for experiencing more flow, joy and meaning.


Thank you for your attention.​ ​

​ Welcome!

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